First Responders

First Responders who have been trained in animal trauma and care are essential to a ensuring an optimal outcome.  We provide training, free-of-charge, to all law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics and other first responders.

Let's talk about how we can provide training for you -- or your entire department.

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Veterinary Professionals

To ensure the safety of First Responders and other individuals involved and provide for prompt veterinary trauma care, we need to build a broad bank of trained veterinary professionals who will volunteer to be on call for emergency dispatch.  We provide training in animal rescue and trauma care tailored to veterinary professionals.  This training is provided free-of-charge, in conjunction with UC Davis Veterinary Medicine's International Animal Welfare Training Institute.  While all veterinary programs provide trauma care training, often that training is not as deep as needed to respond to an animal incident, or the material has not been reviewed in many years.

A fund has been created to compensate volunteer veterinary professionals who respond to emergencies.

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Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers provide a wide range of support for the Incident Response Teams.  We need volunteers at all levels of engagement, from people willing to be on call to assist with non-technical activities during disasters to volunteers interested in undergoing different levels of training to support emergency response.  Training ranges from the fundamentals of the incident command system, animal trauma care and sheltering, up to advanced topics such as evacuation and technical animal rescue.

Interested in volunteering at any level ?  We'd love to have you !

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