01 Jun
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Packed House for Animal First Aid Clinic

It was a packed house at the Napa Valley Horsemen's Association clubhouse on June 1st for an engaging and informative course on Animal First Aid for animal owners in the community.  Katie Wilson, DVM, of Silverado Animal Hospital, provided a fabulous primer on small animal first aid, with her wonder dog, Hank (the Tank) volunteering as test subject.   Napa CART's very own, Claudia Sonder, DVM, presented a broad range of emergency first aid for large animals, focusing on horse care.  Both Dr. Wilson and Dr. Sonder emphasized personal safety of the caregiver and the need to know your animals' baseline vitals before an emergency occurs.

Mike Kerson of Video Mike Productions graciously volunteered to video the clinic and we will provide notification via social media when that video course is available.